The Woodland Train Depot relies on grants and donations to restore,  maintain  and enhance this valued historic piece of Woodland’s history.  Donations to this all volunteer organization are necessary to continue the work of this historical museum.

Do you remember traveling by train?  The excitement of boarding the train, meeting new people, and eating great meals in the dining car are wonderful memories.  Sadly, such memories of passenger train travel are fading.  However, you can help preserve some of these memories by helping us preserve the Historic Woodland Train Depot.

Thanks to many hours of work by our members and volunteers, and generous support from our local community the Historic Woodland Train Depot has been saved and is now ready for you to experience what it was like to begin a journey by train in 1911.

Donate now so that this important part of local railroad history is not forgotten.  Your help now will save this community resource for future generations.

If you wish to contribute by using Amazon Smile, consider choosing Sacramento Valley Historic Railways. Funds go directly toward restoration and maintenance of the Historic Woodland Train Depot.

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