The History of the Woodland Southern Pacific Train Depot

By: Mike Adams

The Woodland Southern Pacific train depot was 100 years old in 2011. Built in 1911, it was the third of four train depots that were built in Woodland. It is the only original one still remaining and is located at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Sixth Street. This landmark building has witnessed many historical events and has had many famous and not so famous people walk through its waiting room doors to board trains heading north and south. It has seen good times when its outside arcade was full of people waiting to catch a train or meet someone arriving on one. It also saw years of decline and decay as travel by train to Woodland declined then stopped altogether. For a time, it served as a Greyhound bus depot, all the while becoming more run down. Finally, all railroad activities were moved out of it and it was set for demolition. Only a concerted effort by a coalition of historical preservation groups, the City of Woodland, and many individuals and businesses saved this last of its kind building from being destroyed. Now it is nearly restored to its original grandeur and is once again a community gathering place.

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